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 Last Update:  Jan 2021 - added front bumper thickness pics






Head Lights



Front Bumper Thickness


Non RS Front Spoiler

If you installed one



Note that the Posi decal was made from paper and was applied in the factory with black goo. Note the year at the bottom, 7-22-58.

Both posi and jacking instructions above are rpops. Originals below.



Posi Decal.

Orig posi decal that was on the lid


GM Trunk Weather strip




Trunk Wire Clips (2) on the rear


Tail Panel

If you installed a new rear tail light panel and don't want to drill holes into it but still want the rear fangs to look like they are bolted,

you can cut the threads shorter and use adhesive to mount the nut onto the mounting hole. 



Rear Stripes


Early 1970 LA Z28's had short front and rear stripes. Yes, believe it. The original owner spoke to the current owner about his Z28.



Front and rear bumper cushions

front bumper cushions.jpg (79764 bytes) rear bumper cushions.jpg (77307 bytes)


Door Weather-strip

Front and Rear Screws and Plastic Push ins with ribs to stay locked in the hole

One is on the front and the other is on the rear. The rest of the weather-strip is held in with the plastic push in pins like this ┴ .

The thread length is 1/2" and the diameter of the threads (widest part) is 4.04mm or .159".



Underbody Primer

Red Oxide Under Body Primer (Norwood Cars)



Front and Side Glass



Windshield Antenna


Hood Springs



Hood Jam Nuts L - C - R

These were used up to 1981


Protecting Body Chips

Mud flap clips. I lost the original lock covers so now I just take a piece of hot glue stick

and cut a piece off , heat up a small slotted screwdriver tip and make a slit. in it.