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Here are all the Z28s I've owned which were all 4-speeds. The ones I ordered new were the 1977, 1978 and 1980.


In '74 my 1968 Z/28

68_LF.jpg (17530 bytes) 68_rear.jpg (19742 bytes) 68_eng.jpg (27863 bytes)


In '75 my 1971 Z/28

71_LF.jpg (13962 bytes) 71_RR.jpg (10569 bytes) 71_inter.jpg (10076 bytes)


In '77 my 1977 Z/28

77_Lside.jpg (16033 bytes) 77_RF.jpg (15237 bytes) 77_LR.jpg (11973 bytes) 77_front.jpg (21214 bytes) 77_rear.jpg (14349 bytes) 77_eng.jpg (24713 bytes) 77_inter.jpg (19838 bytes)


In '78 my 1978 Z/28   

78_Lside.jpg (13837 bytes) 78_LF.jpg (12975 bytes) 78_rear.jpg (11280 bytes)


In '80 my 1980 Z/28

80_1wk_old_Rside.jpg (14985 bytes) 80_RR.jpg (11814 bytes) 80_RF.jpg (14380 bytes)  80_eng.jpg (17279 bytes)


In '81 my 1970 Z/28

70ZcranbLh.jpg (17585 bytes) 70_LR.jpg (21577 bytes)

All 4 speeds of course.


In 1974 I purchased my first Z28 while in College, a 1968, and sold it for  $3500.00 in '75. I still do a bit of  work on it with the current owner. Now it's worth 10x's that in US funds. 


In 1975 I purchased the 1971, and sold it for $3500.00 in '77.  


In 1977 I ordered my very first new car, a 1977 Z28 with A/C, and traded it into the dealer since I had no buyers. I think I got $5500.00 in '78.    


In 1978 I ordered a new Z28 and sold it in 1980 for $7200.00, more than what I paid.


In 1980 I ordered a new Z28 and sold it in 1990 for $3400.00, with the original paint.


In 1980/81 I purchased the 1970 Z28 from the orig owner and still own it today.



Out of the new ones, I liked the '77 the best.