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Update: Jun 2017


In 1985 the body was all stripped to metal. Anywhere fill or waves were present I replaced the panel.

All new GM panels from the door skins back including the trunk lid were replaced.


Click on thumbnails for larger view

Engine Tranny


 Before body and paint

These pics were taken in 1981. I'm 28 here.

 before_paint1.jpg (16165 bytes)      before_paint2.jpg (15899 bytes)    




The paint was stripped and new quarters/inners/outers were installed.

Along with new GM with new GM door skins and a GM trunk lid.

I didn't want any mud which the doors and trunk lid had.

restore_front.jpg (9071 bytes)    restore_hood.jpg (10759 bytes)    restore_L_fender.jpg (9936 bytes)    restore_L_qtr.jpg (21219 bytes)

restore_Lside.jpg (13484 bytes)    restore_R_fender.jpg (13212 bytes)    restore_rear.jpg (10186 bytes)    restore_rr.jpg (7978 bytes)

restore_rr_qtr.jpg (14595 bytes)



trunk_lid_labels.jpg (14935 bytes)    trunk_floor.jpg (16817 bytes)




restore_gas_tank2.jpg (10568 bytes)    restore_gas_tank1.jpg (9489 bytes)  

Gas tank stripped and painted with Eastwood tank paint.




Z21_door_trim_clip.jpg (3880 bytes)

Z21 Door Trim Clips

If you have the Z21 Style Trim Group Option then these clips will be on the top portion of your doors.

If you get new door skins then you will need to use the screws as in the pic. If the body shop forgot

to drill the holes and install the screws then you can use Goop Sealant. I hear that the body shops

now have the tool to actually install the studs in the door like the factory did.




optional_door_trim.jpg (7769 bytes)

Other Door Trim Available

There were 2 other door trim options. The STD one was a real thin piece of chrome metal.

Here is a pic of the other you can order from GM, and it is almost the same thickness as

your Z21 chrome trim door piece except it only extends to the window pillar by the side mirror.



For Sale: 1970-74 Z28 - Rubber bushings for the vertical support rod that mounts to the Rear Sway Bar. Follow link 




Front & Rear Stripe specs   



Rear 1 Piece Spoiler

doc_rear_spoiler_1st_hole_measurement.jpg (40345 bytes)    doc_rear_spoiler_top_measurements.jpg (28768 bytes)    doc_rear_spolier_mount.jpg (46222 bytes)

Rear spoiler mounting position and underside holes



COPO Rear Spoiler




 Fender Emblem  

 doc_fender_emblem_position.jpg (31456 bytes)

Z28 fender emblem position




Front Springs


frt_spring_height_before.jpg (13526 bytes)        frt_spring_height_after.jpg (14895 bytes)   front_springs.jpg (12921 bytes) 

1994 before                        1994 after         


Moog's catalogs are incorrect that specify 5276 springs for a 70 Z28.

The 5276 in their catalog says for V8 and 6 cyl. So that can't be correct.

Therefore use Moog 5278 that are specified for an AC car.

Moog 5276 springs will not raise the front. I had them installed and contacted the Moog

rep who came and looked at the car and gave me a set of 5278's for my troubles.

NOTE: The 5276 should be used on 6 cyl applications only.




Jun 2016

GMC Light Grey Met 9901L2 Dupont Canada


Paint Codes 1970 Camaros


10 Classic White

14 Cortez Silver

17 Shadow Grey

19 Tuxedo Black

25 Astro Blue

26 Med Blue

43 Citrus Green

45 Green Mist

48 Forest Green

51 Daytona Yellow

53 Nugget Gold

58 Autumn Gold

63 Desert Sand

65 Hugger Orange

67 Classic Copper

75 Cranberry Red




All GM 1970 Paint Codes (excluding Cadillac)





Z28 Wheel Paint


This is the best if you can still get it.

70-74 Ditzler DDL-32961




painted_rim.jpg (14771 bytes)

Currently my wheels are painted using GMC Light Grey Met 9901L2 Dupont Canada.


Laquer Code 6347 D Dark Grey IRD (RM ALPHA-CRYL)


1970 Original Laquer paint code and ingredients that was also used
AT -141 340 BLACK
AT -114 490 MET
AT -174 639 YELLOW
AT -190 657 WHITE
AT -179 659 ORANGE RED

Here is what I used since I could not get the lacquer.
NOTE! Don't forget to spray the last few coats

farther away from the wheel so when it hits the rim it dries fast to create the rough texture that GM

made on these wheels. Also don't forget to mix mix mix the paint so the metallic makes the paint light.


GMC Light Grey Met 9901L2
Dupont Canada
Mix 1-1/2 fast thinner to 1
40-45 psi




My rim - GMC Light Grey Met 9901L2 Dupont Canada


Good Year Polyglass F60-15 came on 70 Z28's. I'm not sure about the

Firestone Wide Oval tire.


Compare F60 to a P235-60-15. F60 on the right.


Note how close the trim ring sits against the rim on early style rims

Early '70s cost more to buy today due to the 5/8" oval hole.

The next iteration is the 13/16 th hole.

The round hole version is more readily available due to more that were produced.


1977-81 trim rings stick out compared to the 1970-74.




Air valve - Originals are 1 3/4" total off wheel without the cap. That leaves 1 1/4"

sticking out of the wheel when mounted without cap.

Measure 1 3/8" for the length of the valve stem sticking out of the rim


Trim ring instructions


Length in mm from L to R with the top depressed
39.35 33.31 26.82 26.75 27.73 22.64 20.33


I found these metal ones too 39.80 mm


Wheel nuts - newer design


Wheel nuts - original GM


Wheel nuts - comparisson



Fraction / Decimal chart