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Last Updated: Apr 28, 2018 added more valve cover pics



Click on thumbnail for larger photo below


For 1970, a new forged-steel crankshaft was used with drop-forged steel connecting rods. 

Forged-aluminum 11.0:1 pistons made by TRW. Fitted with a dual snorkle Smog cleaner. 

My build date is 05E which decodes as May 5th week.



Engine Rebuilt pics below. In 2013 I had my engine rebuilt with a hyd roller cam.






HP-360 @ 6000 rpm and Torque 380 @ 4500 rpm



Total timing set @ 36*-38* @ 4000 rpm with vacuum disconnected.    


Orig 1970 LT1 Cam is part no. 3972178 



intake duration of 317 degrees


exhaust duration of 346 degrees


overlap of 96 degrees


Lift - Intake - .4586" (includes lash - .024")


Exhaust - .4850" (includes lash - .030")


rocker arm ratio of 1.5 to 1)



Heads - Casting 3972186 Part No 3987376



cast iron


2.02 inch diameter intake valves


1.60 inch diameter exhaust valves


64cc combustion chamber


screw-in rocker arm studs with hardened steel pushrod guide plates


intake valve 2.02 in.


exhaust valve 1.60 in.






cast-aluminum, high-rise, dual plane intake


780-cfm 4 barrel carb with1.686 inch diameter primary and secondary throttle bores




Water Pump 3953692





Oil Pan / Windage Tray





Radiator - 2 core


4-spd rad pics

They are not 1970 Z/28 specific so it might help those who are looking to look at other 1970 Camaro's besides a Z/28.

A 1970 307 cid-T350  Camaro used the same rad as a 1970 T400 Z28.

Look beyond the Z28 mentality and you might find what you are looking for at a good price.



Rad Caps


Overflow jugs were not used in 1970, but you can add one.


Without an overflow jug



With an overflow jug. Make sure the arrow points to the tube or the water will not drain back into the rad.







The NAPA gold 1061 filter is made by Wix. I bought a case of Wix 51061.




GM EOS 992869



AC Delco EOS 992869 contains 6221 ppm of ZDDT and 5762 ppm of Phosphorus.


ACDelco Engine Oil Supplement is a multi-purpose additive concentrate designed to help eliminate

lifter sticking, reduce valve train noise, reduce camshaft lobe scuffing, and reduce break-in wear.

The use will maintain the additive levels in oil to promote designed-in oil detergency, disperancy

and wear protection, especially under severe service conditions such as high load and high operating

temperatures. Not for diesel applications.






When I had a solid lifter cam I used it with enough ZDDP to protect the flat tappet engine. I do add 1 bottle of GM EOS with the Valvoline oil. 

Joe Gibbs Hot Rod oil does not need EOS. If you add anything it will disturb the chemistry. 

I started to use ZDDPlus to non synthetic oil to be better on the pocket book. 


GM stopped selling AC PF25 and PF35 oil filters which did not have the anti drain back valve. 

Napa Gold 1061and Wix 51061 is the replacement for the PF35 oil filter and it also does not have the anti drain back valve. 

SB and BB Chevy's already has an anti drain back valve in the oil filter spin on adaptor.


Break in your cam with Joe Gibbs BR Oil.



Prime Tool



Cam and Solid Lifters

Wiped 3 lobes on the solid lifter cam due to lack of ZDDP after about 43,000 miles. It was a slow wear.

Pic on the right, shows the 1st lifter (2E) good compared to the other 3 concaved lifters.


Crane Solid Lifters Part # 99250-16




Valve Cover Gaskets

Felpro 1604 Cork/Rubber with Steel Core Valve Cover Gaskets 1/4" thick with a metal shim in the middle



1970 Z28 Valve Covers


Valve Cover inside numbers

P - 3932417 - LH    C-1   CBC

P - 3965543 - LH

P - 3965544 - RH


The valve cover cut outs that face the intake manifold are 3" long, 2 on each valve cover.


The valve covers were used on:

Late 1969 Z28,

1970 Z28

1970 LT1 Vette

1970 COPO LT1 Nova

1970 sYc LT1 Nova


The oil drippers are:

3/4" high

7/16" wide at the top

11/16" wide at the bottom


PCV Valve



Fuel Pump Plate



Master Cylinder and Cover

Original MC will have 2 bleeders. Due to leaks I replaced mine with a new one from NAPA and kept the orig in the box.





Wire Gutter 8.25" in Length



Valve Stem O Ring Oil Seal

Compress spring, Grab keeper locks with magnet, Remove spring, Remove old oil valve seal O ring

Install new O ring on stem, then push in groove with wooden coffee stir stick



Stock Pushrod






3927186 Heads


cc check - 64.25 cc





Using 1.52 Comp Magnum Roller Tip Rockers, part # 1412-16 after my cam swap




Comp Short Rocker Arm Locknuts


Note your drippers will rub on some. I decided to leave them off.




What's a CE block?






Under hood Insulation



It was part of the Z87 customer interior option.


Available from Chuck Sharin at http://www.nastyz28.com/forum/index.php





Factory metal hood insulation clips






Side Cowl Weatherstrip








Balancer Fully Installed and timing tab


If you need to add the 180* mark on your balancer for setting valves then get yourself a seamstress measuring tape

and using masking tape, tape the start end of the measuring tape on the balancer line which is TDC to #1 cyl and

place a mark 12.5" around for your 180* location for a 8" balancer.





Crank Pulley

part # 3956668 CG




Water Pump Pulley



Part # 3947824BV




Fan Belt





Accelerator Cable



3972296 Accelerator Cable?





1100 mi LA automatic 70 Z28 showing the accelerator cable




Accelerator cable/spring/bracket



336969 Accelerator cable at interior and engine side


To change the cable at the inside rod end,

Laying on the carpet, squeeze the back of the plastic lock and push it towards you and it'll pop out.

There are slits on the back that compress so it can come out of the hole frontward and locks into place

when you push it back on. The plastic piece has a slit in it so the cable can be slid out and the new one

slid back in.



Brake Vacuum Hose





Rad Support Rubber Mounts and Hoses


Used for both upper and lower locations. Same part #, 2 upper and 2 lower per car.


Small block part # 371189  Big block part # 6264100




Upper Rad Hose


GM Upper rad hose 3970124 and Lower Rad Hose 360647




Heater hose clamp





Gas Cap


gas cap front.jpg (22441 bytes) gas cap rear.jpg (20798 bytes)                      




Oil Dipstick



Washer Jug



Spark Plug Diag



Wiper Motor